Overview of Programmer


UZP is integrated and future proof 12X Z-Wave programmer designed for pursue of production efficiency, it can program/calibrate/generate S2 keypairs for 12 Z-Wave devices off-line simultaneously in within 30 seconds, comprehensive options are provided by engineer familiar Z-Wave SDK look alike PC UI, Ubitech will keep upgrading UZP functions by software update base on customers’ feedback and need.



1. The 6X dip switch is no longer used, pls make sure they are all in OFF position.
2. The small screw hole at the upper left corner of LCD display is for clock base fine tune (10Mhz base frequency for Xtal calibration) , it’s already calibrated by Ubitech, pls don’t adjust it.  




1. Attach power adaptor and connect USB port to Windows PC. Make sure your Windows OS has the Siliconlabs CP210x (USB to UART bridge, aka Virtual COM port) driver installed properly, hence the programmer will be shown as COM port in Windows device manager.

2. Launch“Z-Wave Programmer.exe”, follow below process according to order, don’t skip any step. Tap settings menu, select the respective COM port, in this example it’s COM1, but in your computer may be differ.   



A. Locate your product firmware (to be programmed into your device), in this example is DoorSensor_V1.2.35.hexyour firmware will be different, specify Normal TX and Low TX power levelaccording to your requirement, press [Calibrate, Program and] to load in Programmer.



B. Specify NVR parameters according to your requirements, including LockBits, then press [Write] and [Set] etc button  respectively to take effect, you may press [Read] and [Get] buttons to verify.

C. You may enable optional functions such as programming quota (the limit of how many devices are allowed to program, 0 is unlimited), Crystal calibration (CCAL, TXCAL1, TXCAL2) , as well as S2 key pair generation depend on what Z-Wave module and application you used, 
UUID can be Fixed hex string or Dynamically generated (you can specify fixed value to some digits such as custom, factory ID, work station ID etc, the rest such as YY/MM/DD are dynamically generated according to real time clock, serial digits is sequencial number started from whever you specified). 




Press [Set] to make effect or press [Get] to read from programmer for status verification. If you don’t want programmer overwrite NVR data, you can check [Keep existing NVR intack]





3.Final Step
Press [Synchronize] to inject all configuration parameter and firmware to all 12 programmer units one by one, this process will take couple minutes, and you can see red and green LED will light alternatively。Be patient to wait until all LEDs goes off.
From now on, your PC is NOT needed, you can detach your programmer from PC and move it to any location needed for mass programming.

Off-line Mass programming:

Connect up to 12 devices to each programmer interface,Press [Program] bottom to initiate programming, it will take 25-30 seconds to finish, red LED will blink to indicate programming in progress, if they turn into green indicates successful programming/xtal calibration/S2 keypair generation, otherwise steady red light indicated failure. Up to this stage you can press [Info] button to check status of each programmer unit.



Programmer error codesummary

1  Z-Wave chip internal flash Write failed.
2  Unable to read hex file.
3  NVR data verification failed.
4  Xtal calibration failed.
5  Same as Error 1.
6  Same as Error 2.
7  Same as Error 3..
8  Unable to enable programming mode on Z-Wave IC.
9  Same as Error 8.
10  Target programmed device has bad grounding.
11  Can not fetch programming result from Unit2 to 12
12  Calibration file unloaded.

1.You can wire [Program] button and [Info] button to external equipment or fixture, by solder pads provided ,below



2. Pin assignment for programmer  

GREEN LED: For external extension of green LED (connect to LED’s cathode)
RED LED : For external extension of red LED (connect to LED’s cathode)
LED’s anode need to share the 3.3Vpin out from interface
OUT BP1 :This pin will output 100ms negative pulse when programming of this programmer unit is done.
IN BP2  :Feed 100ms negative pulse to this pin will initiate programming process for this programmer unit