Calibration Reference for Z-Wave Chip production

This calibration subsystem will work with the Z-Wave.

Me Programmer or the Sigma Programmer provided as     part of the System Development Kit.

It allows recalibrating Z-Wave modules or initially                   calibrating designs based on the SD350x.

The device has a built in power supply and a 4-signal           connector to connect to the Programmer.





Programmer for Z-Wave Chip production

software and the standard 2×5 pin programming connector.                        The Programmer supports series 300, 400 and 500.


Single button and red/green LED for simplified processes in production

Built into a robust housing to protect for ESD, dust etc.

Interface to connect calibration subsystem to calibrate crystal settings

Control software that runs on various operating systems                              (Windows, Linux, OSx) 

Built in process to program serial numbers into firmware images

Production environment with log files, worker friendly error messages,     automated TX calibration

NVR settings and firmware file are managed in a csv database to reduce errors in production

Protection of crucial pre-calibration values during programming

                What is UBITECH Programmer?
It is designed for programming Z-wave products on mass scale in highly efficient fashion, support crystal,                 TX calibration and S2 key pair generation.
UZP(Z-wave programmer)can be deployed with or without PC.
There are 12 programming units (one of them is control unit) which can work synchronously and simultaneously.
The LED screen on the motherboard can show the error code if there is any error during the programming process.
Toggle switches:
6 toggle switches provide all needed options to cater
any programmer configuration.
 Programmer interface
 The status of LED
OUT BP1: When programmer is finished, it will output 100ms pulse negative pulse.
IN BP2: For the IN BP2 in unit 1, when the pin receives 100ms pulse, unit 1 to 12 will begin to program.
For the IN BP2 in unit 2 to 12, when the pin receives 100ms pulse, it will begin to program separately.
Program chip:
 Connect the chip to SPI
Press Write,begin to program the file and calibrate. If it is succeed, the led will stay on green else on red.
Press check to query result of last time.
The indication of error code
The programming of unit 4,8,9,10 and 12 were failed, and the error code is 9, the programmer can’t get into programming mode.